Law, Insurance & Finance Translation Network (LIFT)

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Welcome to the Law, Insurance & Finance Translation Network

We don't just translate: we speak your specialist language.

The pitfalls in translation and interpreting are plentiful, so you are well advised to use specialists who are familiar with your subject. Our 100-plus members offer wide-ranging expertise in many language combinations, so you can choose the right linguist for the job. Once you have made contact with your selected professional, please make sure that you provide a reasonable description of what is required - the target readership can often have a bearing on style and register - and prepare to work closely together.

We're a network within a network.

If you cannot find a precise match to your needs, please contact the linguists who come closest - e.g. with the same language combination as your original text and/or the specialism you need. If they can help you, they will. If not, they will normally be able to recommend a colleague or a sister organisation in this or another country.

Not just the language, but the right language for you

We are the people who make sure that your respondents are not defendants; that equipment is depreciated, but goodwill is amortised and financial assets are written down; that losses aren't damages; and that derivatives are measured at fair value.

Need an interpreter?

If you are looking for an interpreter with specialist knowledge of one of our three fields, search for linguists with the right language combination; you will find particulars of each member with interpreting skills on his or her individual page.

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